: Julie’s ‘Unscrabble Psychobabble Series’ Study Groups, Workshops & Tutorials

“A student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up” 

         Albert Einstein

Welcome to my Unscrabble Psychobabble Series: These are just a few of the workshops / study groups available 

New Workshops / Study Groups  for 2022:

How to write academic psychotherapy and counselling assignments

Understanding Unconscious Communication: Any Training Year

Jungian Typology Whistle Stop Workshops: First Year Level

Clinical Model: First Year Level

Attachment Theory: Any Training year

Nature Models in Action: Any Training Year

Narcissism: Any Training Year

How to Design a Process Weekend

How to Write a Case Study

Weekend Project Ethics Workshop: Study Group Format: At Fourth Plus year level

How to Write a Psychotherapy Research Proposal for a Psychotherapy MA / MSc

NEW: Research Paper Reading Group for Students Who are Studying a Psychotherapy MA / MSc

NEW: Research Paper Reading Group for trainee therapists who wish to explore key psychotherapy topics in an informal explorational discussion based way drawing upon research papers.

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0789 464 1000

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