“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Albert Einstein

Mind in Service to Heart

There are a number of reasons why you might struggle with academia and need some extra support: the re-constellation of old scripts from school or early life; theory touching in with your own inner processes; the need to learn new skills or refresh and update old ones; or perhaps its just been a while since you have studied. Whatever the reason the tutorials, study groups and workshops which I offer aim to help you address these blocks and struggles and support you in finding practical ways forward with your writing and studying. The challenges we face are an aspect of the path which we travel, and their resolution often forms part of the solution to much broader difficulties in our lives.

I am fortunate in my career as a supervisor and former Director of Professional and Academic Studies to have had the wonderful opportunity  to witness the graduation and registration of many UKCP psychotherapists. This has been an immensely rewarding experience for me. It has also given me great insight in to the process of becoming a psychotherapist and a mental health practitioner. My service to the training of student therapists requires daily involvement in the design, application, assessment and overseeing of the academic assignment gateways that UKCP trainees have to pass through on Post Graduate Diploma, MA and MSc Programmes. The academic gateways form an important underpinning for psychotherapeutic and counselling practice, but for many people they are not always straightforward.

On the link below you will find more information on the individual tutorials, study groups and workshops covering various themes which I am currently offering that you might find useful in supporting your training, including my new unscrabble psychobabble series and standing on the shoulders of giants series. 

On My Blog &

In addition to the tutorials, study groups and workshops you may be interested in following my blog. The blog has two academically inclined concentrations, (for students in the process of becoming counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health and wellbeing practitioners), and which is geared towards supporting researchers. On  you will come across useful forms, documents, articles and book reviews as well as other academic resources.   On you will find a focus on learning and supporting your research explorations, developing your research question and choosing the right methodology. Here you will find resources on research methodology, ethics, social policy research and psychotherapy and counselling research, integrative transpersonal psychotherapy research including research into dreams and how alchemical meditations can help resource the researcher.


Tutorials are an ideal way to address the struggles, blocks and challenges you are experiencing with the academic work in your training or research. Sessions are tailored to your needs in order to help you move forward. So whether you are looking for help in structuring your assignments, or finding understanding with linking theory to practice and then how to articulate that knowledge academically, or you are looking to find a way to organise your time, plan your assignment or work through the blocks you have come up against in the process, these tutorials could help you find a helpful solution and a way forward.

Tutorials are 50 minute sessions tailored to your academic needs. Tutorials can take place in person in Wokingham Berkshire, or via Skype or Zoom. Once booked all sessions carry a 7 day cancellation notice period. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Please contact me directly to discuss your requirement as frequency and availability is dependant upon your needs.

Fees: From £85 per 50 minute session.

Learning Forum: Online only


Wokingham RG4O: Wokingham Town Centre  (Two public car parks approximately 200 yards from venue). Please note there is no waiting area at this venue please come at your appointed time.

Study Groups

Study groups are available to all training years at CCPE, and can either follow a specific theme or can be tailored to your group’s request. Study groups cover a range of topics from understanding theory to assignment structure, critical reading and writing. Study groups offer a unique learning space where students learn from each other in a supportive, respectful environment.

Study Group Locations: Please note these are currently held online

Wokingham RG4O: Wokingham Town Centre  (Two public car parks approximately 200 yards from venue). Please note there is no waiting area at this venue please come at your appointed time.

London W2:  Nearest tube stations Paddington, Edgeware Road, Warrick Avenue

Workshops and Whistle Stop Revision Tours

Workshops are run throughout the year in London W2, Berkshire and Bristol. The workshops cover a wide range of topics. Some of which include:

  • Academic writing for the terrified
  • Understanding unconscious communication and its importance in understanding early life theory
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Series:
    • A whistle stop tour of early life theorists
    • Whistle stop revision on typology and personality types
    • Whistle Stop tour of Humanistc approaches and their importance
    • Whistle Stop Tour The Existential Angst
    • Transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy: The melding of the psychological and the spiritual: Cortright & Welwood.
    • Whistle Stop Tour of gaining an understanding of the Integrative Lens
  • Group facilitation through an ethical lens
  • Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and its impact on psychotherapy and counselling practice
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and its’ potential impact on partners of survivors
  • Work shops will run with 10 – 30 people
  • Please note fees are non refundable and payable in full 14 days before the date of the workshop.

Click here to email me.

0789 464 1000

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