Why Couples Counselling & Therapy?

Couples counselling & therapy can help you and your partner enhance your capacity to communicate, understand one another, and find ways forward in your relationship. It offers a forum to explore the many different kinds of difficulties couples can experience, as well as enhancing and recognising the joys, nourishment and growth a relationship can bring for the couple as well as for each partner. The challenges and difficulties couples experience in their relationship vary, there is no right or wrong issue to bring, what matters is what you as a couple want to explore.

Some couples seek couples counselling and therapy to find a way through their current difficulties. Others wish to explore how to separate and bring closure to the relationship with compassion and understanding. Whereas others draw upon couples counselling & therapy as a way to deepen their bond and connection by building in ‘couple tune up sessions’ or ‘couple check-in sessions’ as a way to keep the communication between them open.

How I work 

In couples counselling & therapy it is the relationship that is the ‘client’. Our work together explores the experiences you co-create within your relationship. Through these explorations the voice of each partner is invited to be heard developing a deeper understanding of how your relationship is created, operates and communicates acknowledging the experiences of both partners.

Each relationship is unique. Relationships are entities in themselves. They have their own stages of development, ways of being and language. The couples counselling & therapy I offer is tailored to your relationship needs. We will work together with your unique couple’s language and your couple’s goals. I will invite you to take an active part in the therapy process by exploring ways in which you can develop your own authentic communication channels, inviting each of you to feel heard by the other. Communication building and couples homework outside the sessions also plays an important part in the work that we do, what is worked through in the therapy is taken outside the therapy room and into your day today experiences of your relationship.

Couples counselling & therapy can be short or long term. At the beginning of the therapy, sessions are generally weekly until a rhythm of the work outside the therapy becomes more established. Couples then often move to fortnightly and then monthly until the couple feels enough has been established through the work to move forward on their own. After our initial consultation, and we all feel that my services could be beneficial to you, we would agree a regular weekly time, this would be your appointment time. As this time is reserved specifically for you there is a cancellation notice period of 7 days. All sessions are paid for at the beginning of each session by cash or cheque, missed or cancelled sessions without the 7 days notice given are paid for by bank transfer, or at the next session.

As the ‘client’ is the ‘relationship’, sessions can only take place when both partners are present. If only one partner arrives the session will not take place and will be charged for in full. All sessions are 50 minutes from your appointment time. Please note that the session can not be extended if you arrive late. Any communication outside the sessions from either partner will be brought into the next session allowing for the relationship to remain at the centre of the work, and for the relationship to remain as the client.


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