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Life is a continually evolving journey through which many pathways are followed. Through our travelling of these pathways we are often faced with challenges. These challenges are treasures and opportunities for growth, healing and knowing ourselves and others at a deeper more authentic level.

Working with couples, individual psychotherapy, mental health training and education,  and Research are some of the pathways I travel in my life that I am passionate about. My blog is a reflection of  these travels that have brought and continue to bring me great joy, inspiration, healing, excitement and understanding of life. They make my heart sing.  I am writing this blog to honour these passions and to share with you the gold I have discovered along the way. For me treasures are best enjoyed, savoured and understood when they are shared in the service of helping others.

To help you navigate your way through my blog each post is prefixed with the name of each pathway: couples counselling & therapy – I am a couples therapist and counsellor and clinical supervisor of couple work; therapylecturer.com for teaching, academic support and areas of pedagogy; researchresearchlecturer.com reflecting my interests in research and teaching of research; and psychotherapy & counselling I am a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

Within each pathway you will find a variety of topics, conversations, articles, papers as well as information on the tutorials, workshops and study groups I offer. The search box will also help you select the specific areas you are looking for. You are of course most welcome to read the whole blog!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have fun creating it!

With warm wishes for your journey


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