“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”  

Albert Einstein

My Research Interests

For me research is an evolving and transformative process, inviting a journey of exploration and discovery. This can enable us to gain a deeper understanding of human lived experience, and if we, as researchers, are open to and engaged in the process, our own experience of the research process can be rich and rewarding in return.

My research interests include childhood sexual abuse (CSA), couple relationships, social policy, counselling and psychotherapy, evidence based practice (EBP) as well as practice based evidence (PBE), transpersonal research, dreams, and mindfulness. I am also engaged in exploration of the use of creativity as a research methodology, and the nourishment and resourcing of researchers via processes such as alchemical meditations.

I am also passionate about research pedagogy, and as the importance of research grows in clinical practice, it is essential that research standards remain high. This is imperative and begins with the teaching of research. I am particularly drawn to and excited by teaching and developing research methodology, research ethics and researcher self-care particularly in the context of sensitive and complex research. I feel very privileged to have led a highly creative research MA programme for many years, walking alongside students whilst they travel their research journey, witnessing their study unfolding is both an honour and a joy.

Research Tutorials

I offer academic research supervision to undergraduate and MA & MSc Psychotherapy and Counselling students in the exploration of their research interest, methodology, ethical approach and preparation for their research dissertations. If you are looking for additional academic support for your MA or MSc you are welcome to contact me for a tutorial. The tutorials I offer are based on the same principals and fees as mentioned in my Academic Support page on this website. You might also find my blog pathways  and (on the first page of this website) useful.

Research Papers

Over the next few months I will begin uploading onto this page papers and articles I have written as well as the papers and articles of some of my colleagues in the world of psychotherapy. Additionally this section will also includes links on Domestic Violence written and developed by the University of Bristol’s Centre for Gender Violence and the School of Social Policy.

Some Interesting Research Links

Here I upload some research links that you may find interesting.

Research into Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA)  Twitter @jscullyresearch    Here you will field articles and papers on research methodology, research ethics, transformational, Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and couples.

Alchemical Garden The Body of Spirit  &  Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Supervision     Twitter KatyBaldock @KatyBaldock2      Here you will find articles and papers on transpersonal psychotherapy, alchemy, alchemical meditations in research and therapeutic presence.

Twitter BeingTheOther @BeingTheOther   Here you will find articles, videos, papers, Doctoral research on Being the other, Othering, I and Thou, Difference & Diversity from a Cultural Perspective.

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